Thursday, July 7


This is a wonderful little restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. near Federal. And when I mean little, I really do mean little. It's a small restaurant that you would most likely overlook since it lacks any bright colors that advertises itself to death.

There's a comfy family feeling to it once you walk in. Aside from main dishes, they've got appetizers and even pan dulce (sweet bread). The prices are very cheap and the portions are huge. It's not a fancy restaurant, and it's never crowded. In three words: EAT THERE NOW.

You can get real authentic mexican food in addition to the main stream stuff. Horchata goes for about $2 and you get a large glass of it--there's no skimping of anything here. Burritos are stacked with flavor. The burritos are filled plump with fresh ingredients end to end. You can get tamales and mole on basically everything. There's even chile relleno. Everything.

I recommend the chicken tamale with chocolate mole. It's wrapped in a huge green leaf instead of the usual corn husk. In the tamale itself, you can barely taste the chocolate mole and the chicken individually just because the two blend so well together that a completely new and tasty flavor is created. And how's about a sweet tamale? Never had one? Try their tamale stuffed with pineapple. It's an utter dream. I also recommend their burritos mojados (wet burritos). They drape the entire burrito with melted cheese and sauce. It is amazing. And fucking good.

And don't worry about waiting too long for your meals. The waits are not usually long and if they do take too long, don't worry about staying hungry. To appease your appetite while you wait for your food, you get an unlimited supply of corn chips to munch on. And extremely spicy salsa to go with them.

11619 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025 - 2907
(310) 312-1079
Mon - Sun 8:00AM to 12:00AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ciao, from Siena.
Juquila sounds so good right now. I'm missing Mexican food a lot right now. I'm missing every food right now for that matter. You and Shar just have to go and make me hungry.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Jae Ly (pronounced Lee) said...

They have chile relleno? I will definitely try this place out.

I usually got to this other hole in the wall on Haight Street for chile relleno. :)

7:29 PM  

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